We could boost the popularity of XMG, with


… an easy and provable UseCase. How about we collect ideas? and work on them.
Since I have now some free time I would like to contribute something.
What ever it takes, to keep this project running smoothly.

So what do you guy’s think?:thinking::face_with_monocle:


Had a bit of a radical idea, what’s the feasibility of using magi miner in applications or devices such as trendmills, bikes, fitbits? Incentive would be to focus on health and activity for crypto reward. Less machine energy consumption but rather human powered mining or along those lines. Rather than the typical focus on mining it could bring about an automatic adoption without needing to understand the tech side.

An idea i had for a while now is making a partnership with a health authority and utilization of blockchain to reward healthy activity and extending even into healthy food consumption (goods purchased could be measured).

Not sure yet how this could work however the gap for me was how do you measure reward for activity as mining here may not be workable but rather a reward rate would be calculated based on the following factors:

*cost to national health system due for poor diet/inactivity today, and calculating a measure for improvement.
*a partnership with a health authority supporting something like a magi health initiative.
*enabling reward direct to users for activity/eating well (need to determine how to measure this).



This sound interesting, I must say I can’t really imaging how this could be designed, but if it could it would be really innovation. It might be better to try to implement these ideas, on the bases of one of the “health/fitness” ICO / Projects since the change in the software would me minor.

I was thinking more in the line of, finding ideas without any or just little development (an I catcher so to speak):

  • XMG -> as learning / entry Crypto to learn more about the subject. From PoW to PoS and so on, partner up with schools, univeristies, …
  • XMG -> as payment method for some niche OnlineShops, Games, Digital-Products, …
  • XMG -> as fast, secure and cheap money transferring and HODL with ROI

Or Just possible Partners or so

Just to state this clearly: I NOT part of the project team, just a concerend community member. :sweat_smile::face_with_monocle::thinking: