Update - May 28, 2018


We are currently working on two subjects:

  1. Improve mining situation

  2. Switch to latest bitcoin basis

Details regarding 1) will be discussed in a due time.


Ok, thanks for informing us!
I look forward to seeing the improvements.


Great for the information! And Great Idea with the Forum. I will check it out and contribute often. :grin:


Is there a roadmap for the next update and features planed? (A rough estimate) Is help needed, on some work?


Unfortunately it’ll be difficult to predict ETA; we’ll try to talk the updates at some point.


You might still want to give some updates from time to time even if there are no real updates, but at least it shows that you are: 1. still alive and 2. you care.


Hi Joe, Hope you’re well. Would love to hear where you’re at and whether we could see further development on the project?