State of Magi/XMG - Project


If we want to continue with the project, we have to work together and start getting some things done.
Some points, that should be considered:

  1. Stop hating on Joe!
  2. Stop living in the past!
  3. plan where magi should go and how:
    • which main utility/useCase do we want to cover (new features vs adding bitcoin changes), being just another crypto won’t cut it anymore.
    • Define the USP (unique selling proposition) and marked it
    • find reliable people that want/can support/help
  4. Define new realistic roadmap and update it regularly
  5. Update Homepage
  6. keep people informed

It’s just an idea… , but we have to start somewhere.
… who is in?:face_with_monocle::nerd_face:


What you are talking about is a new project, new coin, new everything but I guess based on a Magic fork.
If you are still talking about Magi however, I suggest you to drop it as the means to do anything are still with Joe. And no, nobody hates him nor that we live in the past l.


I don’t want really to create a new coin, but if we can formulate a new way for magi, I think we can convince Joe to let other help with the development.:thinking:

I hope nobody hates joe, but lately many complain, that he is not available and so on. It would be nice if they could help build a new future instead of “attacking” joe, the project, … I just would like to see the project succeed or at least find a good usage, because I like the premise.

Should it not be possible to get a new start with joe, then maybe a new project forked from joe’s work could be an option, but “with Joe” it would the better. :face_with_monocle:


Why not implementing masternodes? It can boost the project and attract more people, especially now that the xmg price is low, they can set up masternodes with something like 10000 xmg and have a ROI of 40% plus staking!


If it would help why not, BUT to be honest I didn’t understand the idea. How should there be an ROI of 40%. should this feature be implemented, or …
I will read up a bit on master nodes, may be it will be clearer than. In any case thanks for input. I’m glad that the community didn’t give up even after the looming “delistment” on Bittrex.


hey I’m in… i can develop a few services like online wallet, faucets and so on… currently i’m working on a web interface for json-rpc magid…
hope that i can help you guys :slight_smile:


Great initiative!
Some thoughts from my perspective expanding on your points:

¤ What are some key gaps with xmg?
¤ What’s needed to get user adoption rates up?
¤ The magicoin vision. Should we review papers in the present and reinvigerate what this means and how we can align to this vision?

Point 4. In relation to roadmap:
¤ Getting an easy to use mobile wallet up and running. Can just adopt a multi wallet product out there today? Don’t know how hard this is.
¤ Create a team to work in alignment to this vision? As per your point 3.
¤ Empower Joe and ourselves and develop the strategic direction, roadmap etc. Is this welcomed or not? You need commitment from dedicated people, endorsement (Joe ideally) to even start making promises on timelines. This is an assumption also it needing alignment to xmg vision.
¤ What does this coin mean to community members? Sharing these thoughts may be valuable and inspire others in the community and provide valuable feedback.

Point 5. At a high level adding further ongoing tasks:
¤ Security. Ongoing maintenance. Last year there was quite alot of disruption in pools.
What’s being worked on right now in this space?
Overall pool security in some pools is quite poor. We need some governance/care to tie up loose ends.
To keep users you can’t have this happening often.


Been looking into building a Web Wallet for Magi for a while… just don’t know if there would be much of a demand for the service.