Raspberry Image for Magi Mining & minting


I was thinking of making a Raspberry OS image that is preloaded with software for mining and minting. Just like the peerbox of peercoin (or the new stakebox https://www.stakebox.org/blogs/learn/how-to-remotely-access-your-peercoin-stakebox ) BUT only better.

But I’m no expert so I think if MAGI could create an OS Image for Raspberry(/Orange/Banana/…) PI that is uptodate, that can update against official repositories, with an easy remote managment GUI and is optimized for the task(mining or minting, maybe even mining-pool-server[if possible]), this could:

  • Grow the community because more newbees, kids, students, … could enter more easily
  • be energy efficient, because the raspberry mining/minting setup is the most energy efficient
  • and would create a bigger and therefore more stable network and the more decentral

Just to name a few benefits.


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve thought about this too, and will be on the list.