Project Development Support


I would like to help the project by developing, Since I’m mainly a WebDev I could help with the new homepage. Do you new Help with this? Is the code in the repo? Is there a new design / visuals or so?

If you need/want help just post here or PM me.:face_with_monocle::thinking:
(not only for website stuff, I’m a good Dev and learn fast)


P.s.: and I have now more time on my hands.


We have the web source hosted on github; if you can make improvements, that will be a lot help:

Help updating the homepage

Perfect I will try to make some mockups with some ideas and post them here before I start developing. Not to do the work for nothing:sweat_smile:


I didn’t forget, I’m working on it. The setup took a while, nevertheless I hope that until end of the week I will have a working demo.


Thanks for that.