Problem with wallet never syncing completely


I have been trying to sync the wallet on 2 different machines, Neither one will complete after about a week. One is basically stopped at 1814483 of 1840818. the other is completing the update process catching up at about 20 blocks a minute after a recent reboot of the computer…Any ideas they are both windows machines and one I had been using for staking before this problem started a few weeks ago.


Did you sync from zero or used the block-chain?

I had also problems, but I deleted the blockchain and than re-synced it, without problems.


When using the latest wallet and the chain directory is clean, wallet should be able to sync from scratch. It’s slow when sync from blk 0. I just had one loading chain and will see any issues coming up.

In case a recent chain data needed, here is the link to download (blk #1837920):


Had a windows machine loaded to sync from scratch, and finished sync without problems.


Hi; Can the link to be replaced or synced with the updated block chain link you showed 2 posts back
Thanks Joe :slight_smile: / maintainers

P.S. I recently replied to the following post, relating to upto date blockchains.