PoW Attack is back on


Network is undergoing another attack. There are huge numbers of orphan blocks on all major pools. The exploit is back or the Russian guy figured out a new attack vector.

Is there something we should be doing such as disconnecting from ll untrusted nodes with our wallets?


Guys there is a simple fix to this, Devs. please confrim but If I’m not wrong if the major clients block the attacking IP, he will keep making blocks and fork him self off from the network. Not true? And the Honest Nodes will keep the “legit chain” stable.?


I’ve started to remove the nodes and stick with Joe’s node by default anytime things go crazy. Better safe than sorry.

Wonder how many XMG is required to go fully POSii and shut my miners down… :wink:


But whats the point if joes and hiss are agreed?


This looks suspicious https://chainz.cryptoid.info/xmg/address.dws?9Q68QAeBH5gbfPQB3xdwbkmjjUHXDFtNeb.htm


The chain gets back to normal behavior; I will get back regarding what’s being done. It is safe to connect other nodes.


That is a easy calculation, currently the ROI of PoS is at about 1.6% p.a. (calculated over my PoS Earnings in the last 6 weeks) example:
lets say you mine about 5 coins a week => that is about 260 a year so you would need a bit over 16,000 XMG (= currently about 0.3 BTC).:thinking::face_with_monocle:

If I had only waited to buy my XMG until now.:see_no_evil::speak_no_evil: