POS mining using rpcssl


Anyone have rpcssl working for pos mining?
If so would really appreciate knowing dependencies outside of magi.conf.

Anyone able to share a solution?

I can open a connection using curl and successfully make the rpcssl call however when testing with a miner such as m-minerd seems to give an error around the lines of a https protocol support or libcurl needing https enabled type message. Not in front of machine to extract outputs at the moment however will share when able. Appears to be a common issue for others publicly attempting to mine using rpcssl with other coins not just magi.

Main reason i’m looking at this is to pos mine with mobile devices back to my magi wallet at home when being remote. Rpc alone obviously isn’t favorable publicly therefore running openvpn to home until finding a solution.


Hello ssua,
I’m not sure if this solves your problem since I currently cannot connect to my wallet. Nevertheless check out this link https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/a/506/81550
I hope it helps :face_with_monocle::thinking:


Realised I didn’t respond. Thanks for the help. I didn’t end up getting it going at the time. However will try again and share results.