Magid API reference


Hi there,

I’ve started writing a Python based GUI client for the magid daemon. It’s very early in the development process but once complete I plan to release the code to the Coin Magi developers and with their agreement make it Open Source to allow community improvements.

It’s targeted at those running the magi wallet on a Raspberry Pi (like myself) and I also plan to put together an OS image with wallet, miner and friendly UI.

Currently I’m trying to understand the different categories of transactions and wondered if an API guide existed? If it’s a private document I’m happy to keep it private.

Thanks in advance,



Can’t wait to try it out.


Still plugging away at my Python based wallet client. Managed to work out the transaction stuff myself.

Exchange rates have taken a bit of a battering since my last screen shot…


wow! thats a very nice looking wallet you got there!


Hey don’t know if this is still active but I’m building a JSON-RPC web interface so you can run a web (GUI) version of the wallet on a headless machine.
I’ll keep you updated and publish the code on Github ->
It’s not ready for production yet but you can try the newest features with the ‘development’ branch
Hope I can help XMG grow,