How to import blocks


i am new here and wallet syncing takes a long time how to import the blocks?


This link should get you to the latest official BlockChain, I guess that’s what you want. There are 3 compressed files formats, if your using windows I suggest 7z or zip. The tar.gz is an archive and zipped file, best for linux. 2017-09-15

Blockchain updated from my wallet, not my wallet details ->.!Ap_2oZS5ohFxgY1YoR8MvlIyFB58og

Q.Where do you put the extracted blockchain files?
A. See “setup” section on this webpage->

For windows copy/ paste to the location below, where USERNAME is the logged in user.

Is that what you where looking for ?


can i contact you somewhere?


Not at the moment, I am not an official voice of coin magi. But is it a particular thing you want? I can guide you to where to start . If your new to crypto-coins, there are lots of guides out there, but sometimes we need to snake through what’s useful or not.


cant import blocks need more help


think i found it


I’m guessing here , If your problem is copying the unzipped archive to Windows , then you would need to un hide your file system so you can see the appdata folder.!Ap_2oZS5ohFxgZR7r2EIIp7rqG1jig


Hello xjorbenx,
Here is a link to a more up to date blockchain from the offical developer/creator .

Block-chain data for Coin MAGI
Block height: 1837920
Created on: 05/28/2018


I have updated the unoffical Magi Blockchain Archive for 27 September 2019.From 13:20 GMT.!Ap_2oZS5ohFxgY1YoR8MvlIyFB58og?e=ria4b3