I think some housekeeping is needed with the internet side. As I am still new , I feel like there are two or more coinmagi or mcore entities. Could it would be nice if its all put together, ideally the main website is used as the focus to bitcoin talk , git hub then social media. Remove any old or repeat info too, from the net. Googles great for searching but its a pain finding what i need without keeping bookmarks on my browser. A cliche would be I’d like to go to the supermarket not to travel to shops in diffewrnt areas all over for the same things.
There is a lot of great work and I wouldn’t be able to do it. So , thanks for all the info anyway. Hope I don’t sound picky , I just want to help lesser wise newbies too. Thanks, I salute you :):thinking::medal_military:

Anyone have any say or preferences as to what stays or goes?