Help updating the homepage


Hi Everyone,

in a earlier Forum Post Joe said we can help updating the homepage(Project Development Support). I would like to help, but I’m not good at designing homepages. I would port the whole thing from Jekyll (+ with some node dependencies) to DocPad (a node module), just to keep the whole think in one programming language, and like that more easy too work with /setup (less dependencies). But honesty I don’t want to port the current page, if it will be rebuild, since many pages are not needed. SO if someone has some design ideas (a template image would suffice), I can build it.

What do you guys and girls think about this?




nobody has some cool/crazy or basic ideas?:thinking::scream:
I just need an layout idea…:nerd_face:


Not sure what others may think .

I have some website design experience as a hobby, with several businesses. I could throw in my feedback of what I think would make the site a bit more easy to navigate etc. I don’t of jekyll .

My 1st impression is a site that needs a smaller intro image, scrolling down is a bit of a pain, I like my info there in front of me. Using a slide would be nice and the video embedded not linked out, you want people stay on that page so they don’t loose interest.

I found it hard to find the forum , can that be made more dominant ? Maybe just a feed on the side. I don’t use social media like facebook etc anymore , they are not secure for me.

Maybe a link to the latest blockchain download, Could that be updated weekly?

With some clear info on whats going on with coin maji , if its still active.

I have an idea for looking for broken links with a five star system, a small php could poll check the sites regularly once a day maybe. Bascially the working status of the aggregates that make the system work, pools, wallets, blockchain, exchanges. Could be a link such as, “Have you found a new exchange for coin maji? let us know.” then ask the user for the link for investigation xor adding to the working list of exchanges.

Yes , I have more crazy ideas! I’d love to lift maji up more and get more people involved. I came here from the Raspberry pi videos on being able to mine maji, a few nice comissioned videos with payment in maji coin might boost popularity and thus make it a top coin. :slight_smile:


hey i’m just reading through the forum nice to see that some of us are still online…
i think magi could get a better community… we could start with a social media platform like discord… i could create a server if someones interested…
I’m also working on a gui implementation of the json rpc interface so that you can you can interact with the cli wallet via a web interface
want to contribute but seems like no one is online here :frowning: quite lonely…


Discord sounds good. An easy one to cross off the list. A nicer face for the wallet and ease of use is always going to be good idea. :+1:
Not sure how far the homepage has got, any support still required?