Exchanges Where you can buy and sell XMG


I think it might help if we share here our knowledge of the exchanges:

  • which ones are out there
  • fee’s and transaction costs
  • prices
  • listings and delisting
  • Problems and issues
  • scams or services not to use


Here is all that I know about, Exchanges the offer XMG


  • Never used it because account-registration was offline (now I’m already cryptopia, and don’t want to waste transactions fees)
  • First listing on coinmarketcap


  • I used them for several months (current my main exchange)
  • had no problems
  • creating an account was pretty easy
  • prices avarage
  • Volume low


  • never used it, i think the wallet is offline/broken/… (heard this on btctalk, reddit, …)


  • I used it several months ago
  • creating an account was very easy
  • had no problems
  • prices are BAD (but at the beginning I didn’t care/know better just wanted to get some XMG)
  • volume VERY low

Trade Satoshi

  • never used it, just heard from it on reddit


  • never used it, just heard form it on twitter (wallet should be online soon)


I used to trade XMG on Tradesatoshi. Now that they are coming back, maybe I will think about it again.


I’m adding “Coins” to Binance Market exchange. Not sure if it goes public or just my profile. Does anyone know the price of first issue? I guess it was on 24 September 2014, going by

I still see a future here for coin Magi XMG. :slight_smile:


As of today the list should be updated for these exchanges:

Bittrex: decided to delist magi and since that day the price of xmg is very low.

Cryptopia: this exchange is still suffering from a recent hack (thieves stealing mainly ethereum coins) they still have xmg listing active and the market for xmg exchange is open, however still no withdrawal or deposit is possible. they moved all the coins to a new secure wallet, they will add new hot wallet for deposit/withdrawals in coming days.

Yobit: Seems they still didn’t update the wallet so people cannot deposit xmg, is the only market showing up on CMC for magi, but with a ridiculously low volume, (like 10 USD in 24h) looking like a pump&dump coin. So i’ll not suggested to use yobit with this big wallet issue still going on since this topic Deposit on Yobit

Still nice seeing that Joe keep logging in on bitcointalk forum…even if without posting nothing…