Delisting from Bittrex


Quite a phantom forum but still here it goes, Bittrex decided to remove Magi from its market. Last day 26th of October 2018.


Oh, this is not good. I guess other exchanges will follow soon.
Any idea whether Magi project will continue or we should get out of the boat?


There is enough people who are still in the boat and want to stay there, but if Joe doesn’t do anything the coins value will continue to decrease in the future.


Don’t panic! That’s the motto. Anyway I’m staying and mining. I don’t care if it gets hot. This is a ready to use product which only needs adoption. Nobody is keeping you from implementing it or pitching it to someone else. I know its mostly Coins with just ideas behind them that concentrate on marketing that get the dough. That is why everyone in here is responsible to make it work and talk about it. This still can go anywhere. To hell or the sun, I’m sticking with it.


Great that people still come here, although this new sucks. Nevertheless lets try to conitune as if bittrex would have dropped us. I’m also here until the end, and ready to contribute. Like apparently most of the other miners. (or they just forgot that they are mining) The hashrate at trasmamod didn’t really go down, people believe!:thinking::face_with_monocle:


A new exchange called XLobs is opening soon and they can list coins without a fee if they get voted a lot!

Forget about Bittrex and Vote for XMG to be listed here: