After Forck, Reward , Small Coin reward.!


Why after Forck , my reward XMG coin’s sooo SMALL. ? ? ?

For 7 Days i Get only 2 XMG . ??? WHAT’S HAPPEND ??

I use Cpu miner!


Before the fork there was some attacks going on, on the Magi network, that is the reason why the rewards were higher. :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


But Right now it is Normal reward ???
It is matter how big you have Hash Rate 100 kH/s or 500 KH/s ??


First, I suppose block reward depends on global XMG’s network hashrate. Your individual reward is related to your personal hashrate.
About your question, I should say the reward is not “really normal” because there was a time when people could earn far much more XMG: Block reward regularly or often around 40 XMG. So more XMG to share, everybody felt happy :smile:back then!